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  • First let me say, I love Enscape, you guys have done an awesome job!!!

    One thing I would really like that would make this product even better is give us an option to pick the horizon color. Instead of the "Clear" option as the horizon source, give us a tool to select any color we want as the source.

    Often I put in a satellite image or landscape material that does not stretch all the way to the horizon. It would be awesome if we could select a color that would span between the modeled content and the horizon where the sky starts. If we could select any custom color, users would be able to tweak the color they need that would best match the content they had modeled.

    If you wanted to take it a step further, allow us to blend two custom colors for the horizon.

    Thanks and again, you guys and gals rock!!!

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    Thanks a bunch RockFish for your feedback and a warm welcome to our Forum.

    I've gladly forwarded your feedback accordingly of course - I reckon you want to keep our Enscape sky (like the clouds, sun, etc.) while only adjusting the horizon colour? Otherwise, you could also just import a background with any colour of your choice as a skybox.

    You can also already adjust our horizons as well (via photoshop for example), even though we don't officially support it, you can use that as a hack/workaround. Let me know if you're interested and I'll share the details via a direct message. :)

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    Hi Demian. Is this feature already activated?

    Welcome to our Forum floorvanwp .

    This specific feature has not been implemented yet I'm afraid. You can gladly refer to my prior reply for a workaround, otherwise feel free to also forward this directly to product management as a request using our portal.

    If there's anything else I may assist you with please let me know whenever you like.