Does Enscape use multiple copies of the same object different than unique copies?

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  • I'm curious - if I use a fairly big object in my model as an external proxy (like a car, that's a heavy model) if I use it 50x does Enscape run slower at render than if I were to use 50 totally different versions of the same file size model? I noticed that for things like Skatter it handles tons of trees, so I wondered if I repeat large models if there is a similar benefit in keeping the speed and load of a render faster.

  • If you skatter Enscape objects of components there will be very little impact to file size or render times as the copies are the only references. You may run into Viewport lag if you leave the objects visible.

    The image below shows maybe 30+ unique Enscape Assets being skatter al throughout. This has very little effect to model size. However, I have these assets on different layers to improve viewport.