Asset Library is slow and clunky

  • Is there some way to make the Asset Library work better and faster? For as long as I've used it, the Enscape Asset Library has been annoyingly slow. Don't get me entirely wrong, I'm grateful that there are so many assets now. But it would be so much more useful if the loading of thumbnail/preview images of each asset were faster. Isn't it basically just an HTML page loading images? Also, the search functionality needs an overhaul, if I search for "woman sitting", it finds nothing.

    I've attached a screengrab of how slow it is for me. If the developers could check how quick SU Podium and the new Vray Chaos Cosmos are to load, it may give them some hints.



  • Hey giri-giri , thanks a lot for your Feedback - as already suggested by jwal485 , we do indeed recommend to acquire the Asset Library offline. This will make thumbnail loading and searching pretty much instant. Also, I'll forward your feedback about the search accuracy as well, much appreciated. If there is a reason why you could not download the Asset Library, please let me know as well.