My first Renderings and Questions about animating Things

  • Hello Forum,

    in the past I worked with Lumion, but I recently purchased Enscape and did some first Renderings. First impressions: Awesome! <3

    Question: I want to do a video and Animate the slide door. Is this possible with the use of a SketchUp-Plugin? And is it possible to animate People and Cars?

    Greetings, Peter

  • Animation of objects outside of the ones enscape has already implemented is not possible. That feature request has been on the forums for at least two years now but as far as we know they have no ETA.

  • Hello everyone, maybe this can help (jtubb your input please) I have been searching the internet for some answers to this problem and have found some clever people are using work arounds. Seems Keyframes are the answer and then make a video from them.

    The add in for Sketchup seems to be from Regular Polygon:

    that works just great for ordinary Sketchup quick animations and extrusions, and can be further enhanced by moving it into Enscape, I found Luan Tran seems to have this in his toolkit:

    basic movement using Regular Polygon keyframes:

    and then this can be produced:

    I have studied the basics of how he did it, use keyframe animation (Regular Polygon rubyscript add in for Sketchup - free for 10 days then a modest amount to buy it), export tweens at say 24 frames then convert it into video (that the bit I am working on..... anyone out there that can help me on that please as I dont do animation ...yet!).

    Mark Clapsadle did some amazing animations in Sketchup some years ago but seems to have stopped posting see this:

    Perhaps Justin Geis could look into this as he really nails this kind of thing....:)

  • Yes, I was also in the same boat and came across a few videos that use the Keyframe method. The issue or complication with this method is, it's a very outdated and time-consuming manual process. Your better off using Twinmotion or Lumion for the same results with 100% less effort.