Panorama on Surface Pro in tablet mode - not working!

  • Hi All!

    I'm using the evaluation version of Enscape to create a panorama view - I've created my panorama, uploaded to the cloud and then using the weblink I can happily view the panorama in my browser.

    If I open the email on my phone and follow the panorama link then the panorama loads and hooray! I can either rotate around with fingers or physically move my phone around to view the panorama. Its brilliant! My clients will love this.

    So I thought I'd load see if it works on my surface pro, bigger screen, more impressive to show off the works with tablet mode off, I can rotate around the image with the mouse as usual,. However, it doesn't work if I switch to tablet mode? The link opens fine, and shows the image but I can't rotate around with either my fingers or by physically moving the tablet around.

    What am I missing? I really want to be able to do what my phone does but on my Surface Pro, it would look amazing on the bigger screen, if its something I can do then I expect I'll buy a license.

    My phone is using the basic Samsung browser. The surface pro, I've tried Edge browser, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome. Not sure what I'm missing, it just works on the phone.

    Any help appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

  • Ah, update. So I've got it working in Tablet mode able to rotate around with my finger - I didn't have it in full screen mode, whoops :S

    But if anyone can shed any light on how I would be able to rotate using the gyroscope in the Surface Pro I would be very grateful!


  • Having done a couple of websites I've learned that the Surface and potentially other touch PC's don't report their UserAgent correctly.

    UserAgent is how a webpage determines what kind of device its open on, when a page sees its on a Phone/Tablet it will make use of the gyro and when its on a desktop/tablet (PC) it wont.

    The Surface maintains that its a PC even when it's being used as a tablet and therefore the webpage doesn't activate the gyro. The problem actually goes a lot further as it also doesn't identify itself as Touch to web pages either.

    The gyro function works perfectly on iPhones and iPads, I assume the same is true for Android devices.

  • Thanks for the response. You're correct, it works beautifully on phones.

    I'll see if my IT department know anything about this UserAgent stuff; its really odd as I managed to get the pro to navigate around the panorama via touch yesterday by making it full screen - but now it won't work on any panorama I try. Gyro has never worked, presumably for the reasons you've stated.

    So I'm looking for a 360 viewer that allows the gyro function - I've got a great one on my phone, but I'm really struggling to find one for PC (obviously I suppose, most PCs don't need a gyro function). LizardQ is a great viewer but doesn't have a gyro function. If anyone can think of one that would be a big help!

  • I don't think you're going to find a fix for the Surface UserAgent, its hard coded into the device. The Surface physically transforms into a tablet but it always 'thinks' its a PC.

  • BarryFishFinger Paul is right about that. We're just using the gyro as a system function. If the system is not providing it, we can't use it.

  • Thanks both - yes, I've abandoned using the Pro and gyro, a shame as its a lovely device and the screen really makes the panoramas 'pop'.

    For client presentations I'll just go with an iPad or and Android tablet, the gyro stuff for panorama works perfectly on those.