Viewing in cardboard and scale seems off

  • I'm preparing a domestic home for a client and am using enscape and cardboard to give them some impressions of the spaces but the scale seems off, like it feels smaller than it should.

    I have shown them a room which is 5.5m wide but when 'standing' in it the room feels a lot narrower.

    Is there a setting I may be missing with this or is this just something I need to explain to them?

  • Deselby , thanks a lot for your post - it mostly depends on the smartphone itself when it comes to the panorama viewing output. At least currently it's not yet possible to adjust the field of view prior for example. Do you have any other phones you could try with your cardboard to perhaps find a better match? Generally, if the phone does not fit in the cardboard properly, then this can lead to visual issues too.

    Feel free to generally let me know which phone you are currently using - and as a final question, do you get a similar impression when only viewing the panorama outside of VR/Cardboard?