Enscape and VR... AMD or Nvidia

  • Hi everyone.

    I recently build a new PC for "rendering only" where I'm using Enscape and Twinmotion. For the presentations to my clients I would like to use my Oculus quest 2 with the VR option of Enscape.

    Having said that I'm having trouble in having a stable and fluid image. Viewing the project on my monitor I have no problem and it is super fluid but as I switch to VR mode on oculus it gets jumpy and twitchy.

    I tried to lower the output in the Oculus app and it helps a little... but not much... and instead adjusting the Ensacape from ultra to low makes no difference for some reason...

    My setup is the following:

    MB:MSI MAGX570

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor 3.40 GHz

    GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

    RAM: 32Gb

    Everything is water cooled and the oculus is connected through USBC to USBC cable to the MB (No USBC in the back of the card unfortunately)

    I have a few suspicions but I would like to hear your take on it... maybe there is a simple trick that i did not find on my google searches...

    I'm also thinking about upgrading the GPU that is the only thing I saved from the previous config... and I' don't know if I should go with the AMD RX 6900 XT or to Nvidia if Enscape it is made to work with them primarily...

    I would really appreciate your help!

  • atoffolo , a warm welcome to our Forum!

    Right away, while the RX 5700 XT is suited for VR as well, that would be a card where we would indeed advise lowering the headset resolution as well as playing with the Rendering Quality settings in Enscape. It's a bit peculiar if adjusting the Rendering Quality doesn't seem to make a difference though, so definitely send us a Feedback report as well please with your log files, this way we can also check the rest of your machine. A Feedback report like that is generally used to check if you don't run into any problems/errors that are not directly visible but could affect performance in a negative way.

    No direct tricks I could offer, besides upgrading to something like an RTX 3070 for example which usually (without scalper prices) sells for about 499 USD which makes it a Medium-High to High performance card on the market with which you should also have a smoother experience. The 3070 has about 30-40% more power than the 5700 to put it into context based on online benchmarks.

    Summed up:

    - Please send us a Feedback report as mentioned above

    - Perhaps consider upgrading to a more powerful card

    - Check that your Windows/GPU driver is completely up to date

    May I also know what your suspicions are? And how large is/are the projects you're navigating, in megabytes and complexity?