Web Standalone questions

  • Hi,

    I have a couple of questions about the Web Standalone option:

    1. I've created a very simple test web standalone and sent the link to some colleagues. It works fine for me and for some of them, but not for others. We're all on the same default browser (Edge). For those who it doesn't work for, they get a black screen after loading. What is the issue and is there a way to fix it?
    2. I've noticed that the standalone runs at a good resolution in Edge, but looks very low resolution and blurry in Chrome. What causes this behaviour, is it a setting in the browser?

    Here is the link if needed: https://api2.enscape3d.com/v1/…5c-44e3-8058-c7c396a6a01b

    Thanks in advance!

    Edge (better resolution)

    Chrome (Lower resolution)

  • Thanks for the response!

    No, I've never seen that. Not a setting I've ever adjusted - unfortunately I need to be able to send it to clients who won't fiddle with their settings, if something doesn't work they'll just abandon it. Web Standalone needs to run well straight away, which it sometimes does, sometimes doesn't. And the resolution issue between browsers is odd too.

    Anyone else, any thoughts?

  • I have the very same thoughts when it comes to the settings, that's the reason why unfortunately I don't send them very often.

    But it does make a massive difference, even Enscape on the web takes a decent GPU to run..

  • I have recently tried to use web stand alone and for some unknown reason when the 3D model opens up on my browser it seams to take forever and then when its open it almost impossible to move in the model