Lower Performance-Enscape 3.1

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  • I have received a big plunge in my Revit performance after the installation of Enscape 3.1

    IDK what is the exact problem also I am using a good pc so it should handle both of them perfectly and it was working well with both of them until I installed the 3.1 version


  • I'm going to second this opinion. Working in Revit 2018.3 & 2021. I've noticed a slow-down in the interactivity within the project from the prior version.
    I've even performed a 'repair' on the install. I might try uninstalling and reinstalling next.
    I also have an issue with the Pause/Resume function not working. I'll make an update with 'live' on, and it does nothing. I have to click on the Pause/Resume to get it to update.
    Working with the Asset Library, I go to place an item, and there isn't anything showing in the Revit window (even moving the mouse around). Click to place, nothing. I hit ESC to get out and choose something else, and i get the warning "asset placement is still active. You can't place another asset until you cancel it (ESC)." Um, I did that already. I hit ESC once and the whole Asset Library disappears.
    Oh - almost forgot - I will close something and I get the warning that "Enscape is waiting for the Revit API to finish - there's probably an open dialogue box...." no. no there is not. I've got this on multiple occasions, including closing the Enscape window.

  • Hi Java Hamidi and Kyle.Paxton

    In case you haven't done so already, could you send us a feedback report via the Enscape Feedback Button so we can investigate this performance issue.

    Please also add a link to this thread in the description, you can add my name there as well.

  • Same thing here, I noticed a big latency on every tasks I do once I launch Enscape. The difference is made on the same PC same project. Everything changed once I installed 3.1.

    For example I never had to drop down the quality to draft to navigate through the model or do some changes on the fly on sketchup. Now I have to, or everything is freezing constantly.

    Time of exporting also change dramatically.

    Thanks !

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    Ren as per my colleague above please also definitely send us a Feedback Report with your logs so that we can have a closer look at this. Feel free to also give our latest preview a try, and make sure that you have the latest graphics card drivers installed on your machine as well.

  • Having the same issue, the previous version on Enscape seemed alright in terms of performance and Speed, Enscape version 3.1 +51825 freezes constantly on Rhino 7, I've updated to the latest GPU driver and Rhino version.

    How can I Rollback to the previous version?

  • Hi @1232548

    Welcome to our forum.

    You can download our previous versions here.

    However, for us to further investigate this issue, please also send a feedback report via the Enscape Feedback Button and add a link to this thread in the description for context.

    Javad Hamidi

    The Ray Traced Sun Shadows do require some more VRAM, it may be that you are close to your maximum capacity in that case with this feature turned on.

    Have you sent in a feedback report already perhaps so we can confirm if this was the case?