Revit Section Box

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  • I noticed that when I click on "render into document" the file doesn't show up if I have a section box on my revit 3D view. I need to create an oblique view, and its not allowing me. it gets to about 84% then it just stops. I deleted the section box to see if this was the issue (after lots of other things i tried) and the render did work and showed up in my file. then after that, i turned the section box all over again, and had to re crop everything, and then it actually worked fine. I wonder if next time I restart REVIT, or next REVIT or Enscape update, i would have to do this all over again for all my 3D views that contain a section box?:/

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    betosilva , that generally does not sound like anything that should normally occur - are you on our latest release? If you haven't already, please send in a Feedback report with logs too and definitely include a link to this thread for reference in the submission form too. We'd like to check the logs for sure to see if we can find the cause of this directly to file it as a bug or to offer a solution. I appreciate the cooperation, thanks in advance!