Enscape 3.1 - Revit 2021 Hanging on Startup

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  • Has anyone else noticed that Revit 2021 will take a few extra minutes to startup after installing Enscape 3.1? If I roll back to 3.0, the delayed startup goes away. And it only seems to be an issue with 2021.

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    chadwick17 , thanks a lot for the report, and I'm sorry to hear about that.

    Just so we can point out any potential issues that may be logged in your log files, it would be great to receive a Feedback report as described here. In the submission form please also include a link to this thread for reference. Thank you in advance!

  • I'm having a similar issue running 3.1 on Sketchup 2021. I get an error that says, "Enscape encountered a fatal error on startup. Open the logs directory?" I reinstalled Enscape but it has not resolved the issue. I can't get to Enscape at all - even to upload the logs. I am attaching logs here. Please help!

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    Enscape does not need to run/start to send us the necessary log files.

    You can simply re-open your CAD in such cases and send us the log files via the feedback button in the Enscape toolbar inside your CAD as seen here.

  • Hi, I have noticed this same issue, but in Revit 2019. I disabled all add-ins and Revit would load normally, then I enabled one add-in at a time (using Santec Addin Manager) and everything went well until I enabled Enscape. Revit can take up to 15 minutes to launch. I haven't observed this issue in Revit 2021, which I also use.


  • My apologies for not responding to these requests; I wasn't getting notifications apparently. However, I can report that this issue no longer exists for me after installing Enscape 3.2.