OBS Enscape Window Capture with XBox Controller for smooth/custom speed/motion and 60FPS...

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  • Hi all...

    I want to share that you can use the Open source Software called OBS to capture the Enscape Window and use an XBox controller to move around your model to showcase it anyway you want. It takes practice and getting used to it, planning, and either a beefy PC or a video capture device if you want the most flexibility or don't have a very Beefy computer.

    Why capture the video window instead of just rendering out a video and using the path maker... if you have used it and thought the output was somewhat monotonous/robotic/too pre-defined... you are not alone... (See my posts in the feature request for reference, under my avatar click "posts")

    Specs on the PC used to create this video capture:

    Ryzen 9 5900x

    RTX 3090 with 24GB VRAM

    LG gaming monitor 144Hz at 3840x1600

    32GB RAM (Single Chip, I had to send the other 32GB stick of ram for RMA)

    2TB NVME drive (Gaming, so 2gbit per sec...)

    4TB SSD (to save the video to, this second SSD helps if your main drive is not as fast and you are doing large resolution capture or low compression for quality)

    XBox Controller connected via USB

    OBS Settings (I could not find how to adjust the base canvas to be less than 3840x1600)

    Output > Recording:

    • Recording Quality: High Quality, Medium File size
    • Recording format: mp4 (default is MKV, but your video editing software may not like it)
    • Encoder: Hardware (NVENC)


    • Base Canvas Resolution: 3840 x 1600
    • Output (Scaled) Resolution: 2192x914 (This came out as default???)
    • Downscaler: Area (Weighed sum, 4/6/9 samples) - Default is Bicubic, your settings and needs will vary, try what works for you.
    • Common FSP Value: 60

    Note: When you first open OBS it will ask you if you want to set the program for both Streaming AND Recording OR just recording... I used "Just Recording", then added a source "Game Capure" as follows:

    • Properties for Game Capture:
      • Mode: Capture Specific Window
      • Window: "[Sketchup.exe] Enscape....."
      • Rest of the settings up to you... capture pointer, or not etc...

    Either mute the audio sources or capture the microphone audio so you can narrate what you are showing/recording. Use your favorite/available Video Editor to add notes, audio, background music, etc...

    Video scaled down from 2192x914 to 1280x720 and shorter duration in order to fit the 20MB file upload limit...

    I Hope this helps some of you...

    If you have a 16:9 monitor (1920x1080, or 4K) and you can find one of those Game Video Capture cards... El Gato, or Aver Media ones... the ones with pass-through HDMI, you could do that as well... your mileage/budget/goals/needs may vary...