About the light reflection.

  • At Enscape, we follow the paradigm of simulating real world materials and light transport. This is of course not always accurately possible which becomes evident when you look at the cutoff light volumes. But disabling specular for certain lights is a strange modification of reality that would lead to faky looking images very quickly.

    The cutoff light volume which is visible due to the missing part of the reflection however is a topic that we are trying to improve upon.

  • Thank you Thomas.

    But sometimes I will need a large area of lighting.

    When the light that is reflected multiple times is not real, I will need fake light to supplement it. This often happens in indoors without sunlight.

    At this time, my reflective material will show fake light.

    If you want the material to choose whether to render the light will be perfect.

    Thank you very much for your reply.

  • Thomas Schander I missed the possibility to disable the reflections too some times.

    (a) For example I tried to setup a train interior. Long indirect lights under the ceiling. If I use emitters, than this emitters are not rendered if they aren't in the near of the camera (render engine optimization?). So I tried thin area lights, but now I got a lot wrong specular effects at the scene, because the specular calculation ignored that the lights was placed behind a covers. In this case only the diffuse lighting would be needed.

    (b) If I render large interior spaces, for example a ware house interior, than I like to use hidden lights to bring light to specific areas. In this cases I don't want to see the specular reflections at the scene objects.

    The "paradigm of simulating real world materials and light transport" sounds good, but we are artists and freedome is the artists friend. Also, Enscape isn't perfect working like the real world and the user need to work against the limitations. In my example (a) I wouldn't need to disable the speculars if Enscape would create them. Or I wouldn't need to use lights, if emitters would work at every place at the scene. So, so long Enscape is limited compared to the real world, so long the user could get more control as at the real world. ;)

  • Is there away to just place a rect light without having the annoying target. No a SKP user so it would be awesome to just place it with a point or two diagonal points, then move it around. Then once you have it in place you have the option to active a target. Similar to Vray rect light.