Rotated textures not rotating...

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  • I have a hardwood floor with one of Revit's PBR textures -- "beechwood_galliano.png" -- assigned to the material. In a nutshell, the problem I'm having is that Enscape doesn't seem to recognize the rotation I've applied to the texture.


    In Revit's material browser, I've made a unique material with Revit's native beechwood_galliano.png file assigned as a texture. It works, and looks fine in Enscape. But I've decided I want to change the angle of the flooring to 45° (well, technically 135°), so I click the png to open it in Revit's Texture Editor, where I change Rotation accordingly (BTW "Link texture transforms" is checked, though my problem happens the same whether this is checked or not). In the Texture Editor's preview window, the png has indeed been rotated as you can see in the screenshot. This is confirmed when I switch Revit's visual style to Realistic; I can see the hardwood on the 45° angle.

    BUT ... every time I return to Enscape to see the refreshed render, it seems as though Enscape is ignoring the rotation. While troubleshooting, here's what I've found:

    1) If I apply a stain to the texture, the new colour is properly applied in Enscape.

    2) Ditto for a tint. It works.

    3) Ditto for inverting the image. It works (so it looks like a photonegative in Enscape).

    4) But, if I change the Scale of the image, it works in Revit but there's no change in Enscape.

    So -- changing the colour (by tint, stain, or inverting) works fine, but not changing the rotation or scale.

    Just for fun, I also tried changing the floor's Span Direction in Revit to see if that made any difference; it didn't.

    The only way I can actually get the floor texture to turn 45° in Enscape is to rotate my entire floor in Revit. I tried this on a dummy floor to test it, but I'd rather not have to use this hack on my all my floors because it means having to go back to "repair" various floor-wall connections, cut-patterns, and the like. Plus it just doesn't seem like that's they way it's supposed to work.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug/feature I dont' understand? (I am a newbie, after all.)

    Thanks for any advice,


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    Update: I don't have the problem anymore, though I wish I could say definitively why I don't (but I don't have the time to conduct extensive tests!). But suffice it to say that first of all, I believe I was mistaken in my original post when I said that the image I was using -- beechwood_galliano -- was a PBR texture; when I look at it now, it's clearly not. :|

    When I changed the texture to one that definitely was PBR, things started working the way they're supposed to: I didn't need to rotate the texture; instead, by using the align tool to angle the hatch pattern, the texture followed accordingly.