Enscape Sample Projects - Standalone Executables

  • Hi,

    I've searched the Forums and couldn't find an answer. If I have missed, please point me in that direction & I'll delete this.

    I recently purchased Enscape and would like to use the sample files for demonstrations using VR Headset. I tried running the standalone executable on my laptop and it only presents in the Enscape viewer window and nothing within the VR headset. The text says that they are useable in VR, what am I doing wrong?

    Note I can open up the files and run from SketchUp no problem - its just a question from the available standalone exe files.

    Loving my Enscape Journey.


  • Rick Marx

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  • Hi Rick_Virtulane

    Welcome to our forum, and glad to hear you like it so far!

    This should indeed work, could you make sure your graphics card and VR software are up to date.

    If that doesn't help, could you perhaps tell me what kind of VR headset you are using?

  • Hi Rick Marx ,

    I think I may have missed a step in the setup (The GPU update - doing now). Its a RTX2070 in my laptop. I do my work on my desktop but wanted to show the capabilities of Enscape so I pulled the sample executable to get it up & running on my laptop (enscape not installed on this device).

    I was planning to use Quest2 with the Link cable but might switch to Reverb if this will get it up and running.

    Updated the drivers and VR Software (Oculus) is up to date on laptop and device.

    Should it be as simple as executing the .exe sample project file - that should trigger something to show it in the headset (I feel this is my problem somehow haha). I'd like to get my head around this so I can create executables myself and share with clients (by running exe off laptop).

    Hope this makes sense.