REVIT Plant and Landscaping - Height as Instance Parameters instead of Type?

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  • Do Revit Users prefer Planting Assets height/size to be instance or type based? 6

    1. Enscape Planting Height Instance controlled (5) 83%
    2. Enscape Planting Height Type controlled (1) 17%
    3. Other methods (0) 0%

    Hi Team,

    Apologies in advance if someone has already asked this, I found multiple similar threads, but I could not find exactly what I am asking.

    Will add a poll at the end to see if there is a consensus.

    Might I suggest that all/most planting families and their height parameters, be switched from Type to instance.

    When I add Plant entourage to Enscape for rendering, I waste time having to duplicate Asset types with different heights.

    As Plants are organic in nature, it might worthwhile to make them instance-based? Is this something that might be possible or are there model issues I am overlooking?



    P.S. The Custom Enscape Asset tool was the best addition to a long list of good adds. I have made many cool Enscape plants because of it.

  • - Type based so you can correctly anticipate scheduling.

    - Link the Enscape asset a Revit tree family.

    - Use the Revit family to control scheduling with the instance parameter driven linked Enscape asset (this suggestion is not technically possible).