Enscape 3.2 - shadow streaking

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  • Since updating to the preview of Enscape 3.2 I've noticed this unusual shadow streaking on the edge of shadows. I have the most up to date drivers for my Quadro RTX 4000. It does not show up when creating a screenshot, but this does not look good when doing a fly through.

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    Thanks for the report Tearch - ultimately I think it would be ideal to just receive either a few screenshots of that material (the settings and such) or a small sample project scene. Is that possible? To me, it looks as if the geometry of the object becomes slightly visible, those are the slight "corners" you see - the darker areas/shadows on the material itself, for that I would need to check it out myself so thanks a lot in advance for your cooperation. :)

  • Demian Gutberlet the image I included is a wall that is rounded. Unfortunately, the project as a whole is under a NDA but I cut out a section of this wall with the material on it to show what is happening. The settings I used are below, but I notice it happening on curved vertical surfaces regardless of the material. Is there a link I can send the stand alone to?

    Edit: I tried the stand alone on a coworkers computer who does not have a RTX card and found that they do not have the same issues. I did some more testing and it seems to be tied into the DLSS settings. When I turn off DLSS the shading error goes away. Is there any benefit to a RTX 4000 card when having DLSS on?

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    Tearch , thanks a lot for the reply - it does actually help with performance and overall VRAM memory usage as in, it lessens the impact on it since DLSS upscales the image from a lower resolution output. This technique, while usually working great in games and 3D applications generally is not yet perfect though and it can certainly still introduce some artefacts here and there.

    You can leave it off for now if you do not experience performance problems anyway - I'll investigate this further and send it to our developers if required. Be aware that DLSS itself will be receiving constant improvements over time in any case.