Enscape 3.1 loading errors

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  • Hi Enscape world,

    I have recently installed the 3.1 update and a model that I was previously opening with no problems is now getting an error, it buffers all the way to 100% then hangs for a little bit of time and then this pops up.

    All my drivers are up to date and should be working fine (RTX 2080) I have IT look at this and they can't figure it out either,

    Any help would be fantastic as I need to render a fly around for a final deliverable very soon and this is stopping me.

    This also completely crashes Revit.

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    Hi Rick Marx ,

    I have sent feedback, but I have not had a response, hence why I added this post.

    I will send something again.


    It should usually only take about 1-3 days until you get a reply via Feedback reports. Have you heard back from us by now? :)

    Same here - Revit 2021 and 2020 hangs when trying to start Enscape latest version - locks at 5%. 8-(

    In this case please also definitely send us a Feedback report with your logs so that we can further troubleshoot this. And also, a warm welcome to our Forum!

  • Rick Marx I haven't heard from Enscape yet,

    I think I'm going to need to uninstall and re-install an older version, I managed to open a smaller model in Enscape and loaded a video path, previewed it and now everything is greyed out and not working, I can still fly around the model but I can't export the fly-around, which was the whole point of opening it.

    I need to be exporting videos today.

    EDIT: Even the X to close the window is greyed out so I will need to close the process to be able to close the window.

    EDIT2: Closing Escape crashed Revit instantly and closed it.

  • Okay so quick synopsis. We were trying to produce a video.

    Enscape-3.1.0+51825 - kept crashing

    Enscape-3.1.0+51316 - kept crashing

    Enscape-3.0.2+45914 - it was fine.

    So some issue with 3.1.0...maybe an incompatibility if starting in pre-3.1.0 and updating and trying to produce videos with it?

  • Hi Patty - Willow

    I see my colleague has responded, however it was sent to your licensing department.

    It looked like a video memory allocation issue that was caused by the RTX features.

    To confirm this, does the issue persist after disabling the RTX Feature found in General Settings -> Rendering? This requires restarting Enscape to take effect.


    In case you haven't done so already, to see what is causing this issue for you, please send in feedback via the Enscape Feedback Button so we get more information.

    Please also add a link to this thread in the description.

  • I'm having the same problem as original poster, enscape will crash whenever I try to orbit around the model. I'm using Revit 2021, NVIDIA GeForce RTX2080 graphics card. I turned off the NVIDIA RTX Ray tracing in the general settings, and It seems to be running stable at the moment.

  • I have uninstalled it and installed the older version as I needed the renders for a submission.

    Replying to a licensing email and not the user with the problem is a little counter productive, but anyway, I will chase this up with our IT department.

    Once I get the content I need I will re-install it and see how I go.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Patty - Willow

    This was the email address we were contacted with, I also did not see any other email in the feedback report we could reply to.

    Perhaps the contact email for your support tickets needs to be changed in that case.

    If so, and you have a different email your company wishes to receive our support emails, please let me know via a DM so I can change this for your.