Video not fluid while previsualisation... equally fluid after rendering

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  • I'm getting this issue frequently... Video previsualisation doesn't run fluid when previsualising, which is normal as it's a previsualisation, but I don't understand why the same problem occurs in rendering. It even happens in the same frames. I know that Enscape uses GPU for rendering, but I think it is weird anyway.

    PC is a i5-7600K with a Nvidia 1050ti and 32GB RAM. It happens in all Revit versions.

  • So the exported video has the same "hick-up" at the identical time? Have you tried to play the video on a different workstation?

    Sounds strange we render single images and stick them together. So there shouldn't be a hick-up.

    Maybe the path is not configured best possible.

    It would be great if you could share the video.

  • I think it may be a problem with the video player I used after rendering. I was using "Movies & TV", the Windows 10 default player. I tried with VLC and it performs way better. Maybe there was some coincidence between more complex scenes and heavier frames.

    Anyway, I'll share the video if the same problem occurs with VLC.