Revit issue when changing parameter settings

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  • I have noticed an issue when I have Revit and Enscape running at the same time. Say I am looking at my building in Enscape and I have "Live Updates" turned on. If I notice a problem with one of my Revit families where one of the on/off parameters, which controls visibility of one part of the family, is on the wrong setting, I will go into Revit and click the parameter's check box to turn it on (or off). However, when I do this while Enscape is running, often times the change to the parameter won't stay in Revit. After I click it, the command doesn't usually seem to register with Revit and it acts as if I never clicked the box. I have to close Enscape, close my revit file, and reopen it. This does not happen when I do not have enscpae running.

  • Rick Marx

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    Yup...same problem for me. Tested in Revit 2019 through 2021 with Enscape 3.1. Workaround is obviously to just to off live updates, make the change in Revit, then switch the live updates back on. Super annoying though - hopefully this gets fixed in an update.