Using textures for emissive materials

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  • I would like to see an option to load a map for the emission type material. By that I mean a black and white image where I can specify which part of the image emits light and which parts don't. For example I've got a ceiling texture that includes the light fixtures. I would like to only let these light fixtures emit light.

    I hope that will come in a future update.




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    Peerman , you can already do that - simply set your Material to Type to Self-Illuminated, and then import a .png file with a transparency layer as an Albedo texture all through the Material Editor. You can use Paint3D (click on it for a brief tutorial) which should already be installed on your machine to then also simply create such images yourself while having control over how complex you want them to be.

    If you require any further more detailed assistance with that let me know. I'd love to hear about the outcome as well! :)

  • Thank you Demian,

    I have tried it out but it is not really what I'm after. I attached two textures. One is the albedo. And one is an emmisive map where I specified which parts of the albedo texture emits light (white pixels) and which parts don't (the dark pixels).

    I hope this explanation makes my question easier to understand? I also attached an examplerender. (I made a separate plane with only the lamps in Enscape)



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    Peerman , thanks a lot for your detailed reply.

    I'm afraid, this is indeed not yet possible straight away, but as a workaround, you may try to simply overlay some simple geometry as emissive surfaces over the coloured texture itself like so:



    This only took about a minute and can look even better with a bit more finetuning when it comes to the shape especially, as I've only used some simple rectangles to get the point across. But as you can see, it already looks rather decent.

    Perhaps this helps a bit and I have furthermore gladly forwarded your Feedback to our developers!

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    So in theory the method you want to do is great for distance shots as you have shown in your exterior render. However, the illusion will break once you get closer. So you could always add some basic geometry to the light fixture. Set it as a cut-through component and directly apply an emissive color to the light source. Add a light plane for distance illumination and that will provide a much better result for near or distance shots.

  • Cool! Thanks for the ideas! I will try both. Most shots are exterior where I just need some quick and dirty geometry for the interiors. That's why I used the method as described. The cut through components are indeed a great way for interiors and if I made them lowpoly enough can also work for exteriors as well. I will post some results. Thanks again!