adjusting Enscape lighiting objects in combination with .ies files (in Sketchup)

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  • Hi there, I'm looking for information about using/placing and adjusting lighting .ies files. It seems very difficult to adjust angles and positions of the lighting objects in combination with the .ies files from the manufacturer. Is there maybe a tutorial about working with .ies files in combination with Enscape-lighting objects in Sketchup?

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    Hey marion , can you let me know what problems you experience exactly? Through the SketchUp move and rotate tools etc. it's possible to easily modify your light sources - do you experience any specific issues with this and do you perhaps have an example of a result you'd like to achieve, and how it currently looks for you?

  • Hi,

    marion ,As lighting designers we use IES all the time in our sketchup models. by using the move and rotate tools (or rotate move ->component/group) you can easily point your light in the right way.

    Demian Gutberlet , we have some problems lately with IES files from the manufacturer. The problem : When importing an IES file from a linear device (Linea lighting group) which would give us assymetric Wall wash, it only shows around 50cm of light emitting against the wall surface. It's not the first time we encounter this problem. I haven't found how i can manage to curve the problem. It would be great if there is a way to solve this problem. the fixture is 1220mm long although it emits a centralised light...

  • Is it the case that Enscape treats all IES lighting as point lighting? Is there an option for linear IES sources?

    I didn't know there are linear IES files.. I am not sure if they support asymmetric one cos me myself I didn't use it.. For me biggest problem is connecting Lamp model with IES light.. Cos the model makes shadows.. sometimes it bothers me.. If it is my model I can give the material a bit of transparency which will kill the shadows.. If it is an ENScape asset nothing I can do.. Maybe it would be good idea to have some radius value which would indicate where from to start casting shadows..
    Sounds actually like I make a problem about light source casting shadows.. hmm..

  • Ooh, that's a good trick to add slight transparency to kill the self-shadowing from a fixture around a light source.

    There's already a feature request to disable shadows from selected geometry, that would help in this case and devs, please give that another +1 from me.

    Yes, there are linear ies files, like for strip flourescents. Not all rendering software can properly render it though.