Panorama export error - unable to execute command

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  • Hi all,

    I've been experiencing an error when trying to generate panoramic views. The process runs fine until 93% and then throws up the following error:

    Previously the process would run fine until 93%, hang for a minute or so and then complete ok.

    Its seems to be having trouble finding an .xml file for whatever reason? I know Enscape puts .xml files into the Documents folder (here: "\\COMPANY.local\userdata\LOCATIONuserdata\MYNAME\Documents\Remote Assistance Logs") but I've never had an issue until now. I get the same error in all sketchup models.

    Also may be related but it takes a very long time for the 'Manage uploads' window to appear when I click the button. Sometimes its around 15 minutes before the window appears and Sketchup will greyed out and 'not responding' for the entirety of this time. All my other panoramas still appear to be working.

    Thanks in advance.

    Currently using Sketchup 2020 and Enscape version 3.1.0+51316 if thats relevant.


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    Hey BarryFishFinger , I'm sorry to hear about that - can you please let me know where you are located and is there a chance you perhaps generally connect to the internet via a company VPN for example? If so, let me know as there are some adjustments to be made that usually help with these kinds of problems - perhaps you also experience connection issues when downloading files for example from the internet, or not at all?

    Also, please definitely send in a Feedback report with your logs as well. This is basically always a good way to check your system for any issues that may cause such behaviours. Thanks a lot in advance for your input.

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    If you haven't already (I cannot find any submitted cases under your e-mail used to sign into this Forum) please submit us a Feedback Report as detailed here and we can check out the log files for the exact cause(s) of this problem. Thank you in advance, and let me know once you've sent it in ideally.