Force SteamVR

  • Hello guys!

    I have an Oculus Quest 2 (link cable) and want to force Enscape VR to use SteamVR runtime, instead of Oculus.

    I was able to start VR mode from inside SteamVR but did not manage to do it again, not sure why.

    Is it possible to "force" Enscape to use SteamVR runtime, from a Oculus headset? Maybe some kind of parameter to start it up?

    Thank you.

  • Rick Marx

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  • Tatunts , thanks a lot for your inquiry.

    I've researched a bit and starting apps/games forced with SteamVR seems to be only possible with applications that also start independently, which are not connected to a CAD solution like Enscape is. This could work with standalone files though if you add them to Steam as a "game" and then also add the launch option "-vr" to it.

    May I generally ask why you wish to use SteamVR instead of the (or basically additionally in this case) normal Oculus service? At least on my machine, I have more problems with Steam VR and Oculus link compared to just using the Oculus service and its apps.

  • Hello Demian Gutberlet, thanks for the reply!

    So that's why It started from SteamVR once, I was running a standalone exe render, makes sense.

    For me, running from SteamVR is better because I can use overlay apps, like OVRToolkit to show desktop views/windows and control them from inside the running application.

    Thank you very much!