Survey | Enscape Asset Library Content + Structure

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  • I don't know if this was requested already, please make assets update easier. Give us the option to "download only added assets" to update our existing offline assets location and not to choose to download the whole thing again because of the few additions. I've been doing this for the third time and it's a pain especially on rush jobs so I stayed with whatever offline set I got. Also, I'm hesitant sometimes to get the new set if the new category became less than the old set. Whatever you put in the previous, please do not remove it or at least give us the option to keep. I know it has something to do with the model quality but like the Spruce trees for example from previous version, it is usable to many of our renderings but no longer present in current releases. It's a good thing I had a model with those deleted items to copy from.

  • Allow bigger files to be imported to the custom asset library.

    Make 3dmax material library files compatible with Enscape.

  • Hi halmatro

    Thanks a lot for your Feedback - You can now also forward it directly to our product managers through our Enscape Public Voting Portal.

    Check out more by just clicking on the link. Thank you again, and feel free to add more in the future if anything else comes to your mind!