Survey | Enscape Asset Library Content + Structure

  • Hello Forum Community,

    I’m currently working on a project to improve our Asset Library. As you know, there are a lot of assets coming in with every new release so we would like to enhance the library with an improved structure. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as it helps us to come up with a better solution.

    Click on the link below to take part in the survey. It will take around 5 minutes to complete. Not only will you get the chance to tell us your preferred way of browsing through the library, but you will also get the chance to send in your latest asset requests! All wishes will be transferred to our internal request list.


    Thanks in advance for your time and I will keep you posted about our results!

    Lena :)

  • Hi pibuz, that's strange.. I can see new replies coming in through that link. Maybe try out a different browser and this unshortened link?…KVEtLMkNYQkw1R0RNSVhRSi4u

    Sorry for the inconvenience but thanks that you would like to participate! If you still running into issues let me know and I can sent you the questions via private chat!


  • Glad to see you're looking for input with the asset library.

    The one thing I don't see on this survey, and still the biggest hindrance to finding things quickly, is the incredibly slow loading of the thumbnail images! It's just so painful having to wait the 5/10+ minutes per category, seemingly all the time, to use the asset library, that seems to get reset after each new build/preview. Especially in comparison with nearly every other renderer asset library system, like Vray Cosmos, Lumion, D5, ect.

    Also, to go along with my survey response, you guys are still missing a lot of the most typically used landscape design tress/shrubs/plants. Especially for North America. See attached images for common examples I'd certainly recommend.

    Would also really wish to see more realistic/high quality plants with more varying species/ages/sizes/seasons. (example Spring/flowering, Summer, Autumn Maples/Viburnums/Redbuds/etc)

  • The most important thing is to have Categories for custom assets, its long overdue

    100% agree!

    We're approaching 800 custom assets and it's getting near impossible to find things. We need to add more soon but we're getting worried it's going to become unmanageable.

    Other than that, the custom asset workflow is working really well. Our designers LOVE it and our renderings in Revit especially have improved drastically.

  • Seems still not to work, neither on chrome nor Edge... Please send me the questions and I will answer ASAP!

  • Thanks for doing this, Lena. I left a comment in the survey, but:

    Enscape's asset library badly needs an improvement in the diversity of people. It seems that 90%+ of the people in the asset library are thin, white, and able-bodied. The bicyclists are all men, the only woman with a bicycle is not even riding the bike, but standing next to it holding it.

    I also agree with alejandromartin , a lot of the current transportation is like a shit ton of cars and then like 3 jet skis...some city buses, trains, subways, trams, etc. would all be very useful. We are trying to design for a non-car-centric future!

  • Hi!

    As I wrote to the form, in my opinion, the quality is enough, but ANY asset is unuseful w/o materials editing.

    In other words: ok for that chair, but I need it a blue chair and not green! So I HAVE to create my own chair asset that is so much stupid thing because there already is a right chair for me... Isn't it?

    A good strategy, could be to copy the asset folder (wich I'm interested to) into my asset folder...Thank you


  • Is anyone interested in being able to have this content also searchable via UNIFI Content manager?

    They have manufacturers channels that you can include in the search with your own content and have tagging and customized saved searches based on all this great metadata structure. Enscape content and materials could be one of those offered.

  • 1.We really needed more detailed plants, grass models when we were making renderings of outdoor buildings, and currently the plants in the asset library are not up to that

    2.We need the materials in the asset library to be easily adjustable

    3.Please add some winter scenes, fall scenes, plants, etc