Lands design

  • I've been exploring the new plugin "Lands Design" for Rhino. It has some great features that have the potential to mimic Skatter for Sketchup and some topography tools. The issue I have is none of the objects outside the plant/asset blocks are able to translate their material to Enscape unless they get exploded. I attached a example of whats going on. The Lands Design objects come in white no matter the settings I change. This seems similar to the VisualARQ material issue but at least the VisualARQ objects display a material( even if they UV map is wrong). Is this a Enscape or a Lands Design issue?

    Edit: After further exploring, the plugin has the ability to control the foliage amount on each of the trees, When loading Enscape the plugin acts as though its telling Enscape the correct foilage amount but no matter what the Enscape viewport always comes out with the same foliage amount. Are you guys in talks with the developers of this plug-in to maybe correct these issues in the a future update. I know the plugin is fairly new, so I don't expect everything to work correctly, but if this plug-in becomes standard for most rhino users the incompatibility is going to be detrimental to Enscape.

  • Hi, ive been using Lands Design with enscape and have experience similar issues.

    Would be great to fix this, because Lands Design is really useful.

    Another feature which would be great to add into the next version of enscape is to be able to adjust the transparency of vegetation, when rendering - similar to what you can do with Lumion.

  • Hi Tearch

    Thanks for bringing this up.

    I was able to reproduce this texture issue with a Lands Design trial and have forwarded this to our developers for further information.

    I was unable to reproduce the Foliage issue however, no matter if I added a plant with minimal or maximal foliage, they looked the same in Rhino for me.

    What Rhino / Enscape version were you testing with?

    Ritz thanks for the feedback regarding transparent vegetation, I have forwarded this as a feature request for our developers to consider.

  • Rick Marx I just tried to reproduce the foliage issue but it does not work for me either. I don't know if it has been disabled or whether someone is wrong on my end. I'll have to do some more testing. I am using Rhino version Version 7 SR9 and Enscape version 3.1.1. Is this issue similar to the one that VisualARQ is having with texture scaling?

  • Hi Tearch and Ritz

    Our developers have taken a look at the texture issue.

    It looks like these objects don't have UV coordinates which is why we don't display the attached textures.

    Are you sure this isn't related to this? :