How to report a bug or purely technical problem

  • Dear Forum Community,

    We greatly appreciate your help to find and fix issues. Thank you!

    If you want to share confidential information, please send us an email to When you want us to resolve crashes or technical issues with your Enscape generally, please use the Feedback Button so that we can know what is going on your machine as that also transfers log files and your machine information.

    When reporting a bug, please answer the following questions in the Feedback form as well:

    1. What is the desired/expected behaviour?
    2. What are the steps to reproduce the issue?
    3. Can you provide an example file or at least an image where we can observe what's happening?

    Try to follow the following points in the Forum itself:

    1. Try to separate your requests into separate threads
    2. Note that we don't get notifications if someone edits a post.
    3. Try to post in the correct section of the forum - Bug or Idea/Request
    4. Search for duplicates before posting

    Thanks a lot for your cooperation!