Enscape Lights

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  • Have you guys considered Enscape light placement to be more like your asset placement instead of the current method, which I find a bit counter intuitive? For example, Pick the spot light Icon, the the cone shows up on your pointer, you place it, then there is a dialogue box that lists the lights in your scene where you can adjust intensity, falloff, color and add ies files. Also throw. That way users can move and rotate easily. Same with the other types you currently have. Having to pick a point, confirm that point, then pick another point for the target, etc. doesn't work well.

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    Thank you vjaramillo , I will gladly forward this to be brought up for discussion, I appreciate the input - we have had requests before regarding this subject in general so you can be aware that you're not the first to request this. :) If anything else comes up let me know of course.