HDR animated rotating

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  • I use HDRi images for my skybox since it give the scene a more realistic light quality. Is there a way to animate rotation of the skybox when saving out a animation. For example skybox at 0 deg in start frame and then 180 deg in end frame.

  • Why do you want to have such an animated skybox? Usually the surrounding is static.

  • If the object cannot rotate, then one solution to make it look like it does is to rotate the world around the object. If Muhammand will not move to the mountain then the mountain must move to Muhammand.

    (I don't know how time of day and shadows work with HDR backgrounds, but another reason might be to have the sun move across the sky.)

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    vjaramillo an HDR image, although being supported, should not make for more realistic lighting than our dynamic skies. After all, Enscape, while interpreting the image as light emitting, can't provide real image based lighting (a process in which each pixel is treated as an actual light source) - this is not possible in real-time at this time.

    So while the HDR image may very well alter the mood and lighting color of the environment, a JPG or PNG image would do the same trick. When rotating the skybox, however, it'll appear as if your model would rotate - something that's rather unpopular for architectural designs.

    Long story short, why not animate daytime? Our sunlight calculations are based on scientific measurements. At this point, there's no way to animate the skybox rotation, I'd also assume this feature wouldn't be useful for most architects. Can you give us more insight?

    Gadget I understand the desire to rotate an object from the perspective of a product designer. Still, why would you want to make the object appear to rotate with the camera fixed? (I.e. making the skybox rotate) Wouldn't it be more desirable to make the camera rotate around the object?

  • I was thinking more for close detail shots where you wouldn't see the environment rotating. Just the sun light moving in the room. I know you can do this with you're sky dome, but I like the freedom of using my own backgrounds. I did a sun time-lapse using your sky and preset environments, and it look a bit flat to me. Specially with all the fog and haze. But that's just me.