Glittering textures with VR

  • Hello,

    We are currently experimenting with a HTC Vive in conjunction with Enscape // VWX. The result is very good at first sight, but we have problems with some textures that look like they would glitter. Does anyone know the problem and have any tips for us?

    Cheers Toto

  • I'm sorry to hear about that! Is there a chance you could record this "glittering" with your phone through the lens? It's a bit tricky but should be done easily - otherwise, perhaps you can go into a bit more detail about what you mean by "glittering"? If there is any chance for you to send us an example or describe it further that would be great - and does this happen with any textures?

  • Hi Demian,In the meantime I have found out that the problem occurs mainly with walls that have a rough plaster, so the VWX standard texture for walls

    I see, thanks a lot for the reply - I can imagine that the VR display inside the Vive itself struggles a bit with the complexity of these walls so you're seeing that on specific materials. Depending on the machine used you may even want to increase the rendering resolution (of the headset itself) overall used for VR, which may help with that as well.

  • My firm got the Vive Pro 2 and I know what you mean about the "glittering" textures. For one model, its really noticeable with a rug material, which is great in regular Enscape but when switched to VR it starts to "glitter."

    ***When I turn down the render mode from High to Low, the glitter goes away, so it might be a graphics card issue.

    We are looking to upgrade to an RTX graphics card to keep up with the Vive Pro2's higher resolution and will hopefully solve the glitter problem as well.

    If there are any other suggestions out there please let me know! thanks

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    What you perceive as 'glitter' might very well be noise in the indirect lighting calculation. To keep up the high framerate required for VR the denoising is simplified in VR and therefore the image may appear noisier than outside of VR. When you turn down the quality from high to medium or draft the ray traced indirect lighting is turned off, therefore this effect disappears.