Question: The color difference shown on Enscape window before render (screenshot) and rendered image

  • Do anyone have the problem of ensacpe showing different color in the enscape window and the rendered image?

    After 3.1 update I seems to have some problem of seeing the actual color in the enscape window.

    The attached show the color difference of render window and the rendered image.

    I tried to adjust saturation/color temperature in the visual setting, but nothing help.

    Can someone tell me if I missed some setting to let rendered image show color same in the Enscape window?

  • Hey adamtkc , thanks a lot for your post.

    When rendering, Enscape adds a few subtle improvements to the image which can result in a slightly different appearance compared to the live output - I am a bit surprised that adding saturation did not help, as this seems to be the only major difference here. Does the saturation/colour temperature simply have no effect on the output, then that would be a bug of course or are you referring to not being able to achieve the same output you have in the live rendering?

    If it's the latter, can you kindly share a rendering with me as well in which you've turned up the saturation?