Hp ZBook 17, intel core i7 @2.6 Ghz, 32GB ram, 256GB SSD – 4GB nvidia graphics.

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  • I want to buy this machine, am not good with computer specs knowledge and thus I want your help to understand if it will be able to handle projects.

    The current workstation am using it's graphics card is a gtx 1050 Ti and apparently that doesn't support the new DLSS feature included in enscape 3.1

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Hp ZBook 17, intel core i7 @” to “Hp ZBook 17, intel core i7 @2.6 Ghz, 32GB ram, 256GB SSD – 4GB nvidia graphics.”.
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    Alecky_1 , thanks a lot for your inquiry!

    You can gladly check out our system requirements here and any card from the RTX 2xxx or 3xxx series, (2070 or 3070 for example) supports raytracing and also DLSS and denoising. Depending on your budget we recommend any card of the bunch, being well aware that there is, unfortunately, a GPU shortage going around at the moment. So, also depending on how large your projects are and how smooth your experience should be, go for either something like the RTX 2060, up to an RTX 3090.