Rhino area lights - shadows issues

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  • Dear All,

    I am currently experiencing interior lighting issues with Rhino.

    The attached screenshot is showing the issue under a table within an open plan layout, with multiple light sources recessed in the ceiling.
    I have tried different lighting solutions and I found small rectangular area lights are the ones that behave the best.

    Can you share some advice?

    Thank you.

    • Official Post

    @F Nannini , thanks a lot for your post.

    Is there a chance you could share the project with me or show me the actual geometry above those shadows? Of course, since you've placed multiple light sources you will also have different shadows being rendered from different angles, but I would need to see the actual table above itself to see if this is actually a bug or normal behavior. So as mentioned, you can either gladly send me the project and upload it to wetransfer.com for example before, or send me a few more screenshots of the overall scene, mostly above the shadows. Thanks!