Custom Assets to Download

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  • Hello:

    With the ability to create custom assets, I am wondering if anyone knows of a site providing custom assets for download? Specifically, I am in need of items that can represent merchandise in a retail project. Sure I can create my own. But hate to go to all the trouble if there is a good and reasonably priced alternative out there.

    I am working in Revit and have the latest Enscape.


  • Rick Marx

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  • I've successfully used some models on cgtrader for this purpose. Keep in mind a lot of them still require you to open the model in something like blender and then exporting the exact item(s) you need (most of this stuff comes in giant packs), and even then some of them will require you to manually assign materials in blender so it's not really drag+drop. But other models were more seamless.

    Just look at the file types the asset importer supports and you can filter by those types for enscape.