Enscape settings saved with model

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  • Yes... so? As long as the XML can be linked to the native file why does that matter?

    Panoramas (and web standalones) are independent of the native file and also store image data. Favorites tag scenes for Enscape within the native file. Settings can be saved/loaded but don't link to a specific project or native file... it just seems to me making all these little bits uniform makes sense.

    (Personally I would think that an external file would allow greater flexibility for import/export between projects.)

  • Hi

    I have written a Push Pull app to assist in managing the settings from a project perspective using AutoIT.

    The app pulls the xml setting from the C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Inreal Technologies\Enscape\Settings directory into the project directory enscape_settings at the conclusion a project session.

    When I revisit the project, I push these setting back into the C:\Users\Kerry\Documents\Inreal Technologies\Enscape\Settings.

    Stating a new project - I put a set of defaults into C:\Users\Kerry\Documents\Inreal Technologies\Enscape\Setting
    This allows me to store the Enscape settings on a project by project basis.

    Would be great to have the facility to something similar in Enscape - maybe in a similar approach to 3DS Max where its project settings are stored in the root of its generated subdirecotry structure.