Enscape settings saved with model

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  • :) If it knows the information to be able to show you, then it's a minute step to be able to recall and it and apply it - the problem is that it doesn't know what settings you used when you generated the image - it only knows what the current settings are. (You can log them yourself, and many people do that in the notes of scenes within the native application.)

  • And it's also challenging that the settings are in different places

    - time of day

    - sun overrides (ctrl+u/i etc)

    - everything in the settings dialog

    - window frame

    From an UI perspective, I wish the 'saved views' existed in two flavors:

    - 'saved location' (which would just move you there but not change any of the settings)

    - 'saved view' (which would remember all settings of that view, including any overrides you did to the sun, any settings in the setting dialog (exposure, image settings, ...)

    If it can do that, then the batch render could render each view with its unique settings.

  • When I first used Enscape and amazed by the rendering speed

    I love Enscape, it's so fast and such a joy to use, but, and there is only one but, I hate having to save all models as a preset and hunting for them when I open the model and Enscape again, is there any way to save all my settings with the Sketchup model?

    I was amazed, too with Enscape speed! I would like to see this feature of able to save the settings with the file so I won't keep scratching my head due to my poor memory... If you're switching from project to project, you sometimes just want to render then send. It's hard to keep track of ( well, for me) just even a few switches or save settings each job.

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  • Adding to this thread rather than start a new one because its applicable. I understand that you can go find a setting to share with others but it would VERY helpful if the sketchup model itself retained the last used setting in the native model itself. This way when someone else (another colleague etc) needs to open the model to work on it and produce new enscape renderings, they are have the setting preset loaded in already.

    In an architecture office (for example) several different people may need to jump in and out of the same model at various times to produce updated renderings etc. Constantly having to manage presets from 4 or 5 different peoples computers is a nightmare and results in renderings that arent consistent with earlier iterations.

    When looking at other plugins (Vray or Maxwell render for example). The current plugin settings for that model are retained and whoever opens up the model can open the plugin and hit render and get the same result as whomever originally did the scene setup.

    Please consider implementing something like this or tell me why its a bad idea. Thanks!

  • The Enscape experience has been great thus far! However, the lack of in-file setting synchronization between SketchUp and Enscape has caused the most inconvenience with my workflow in SketchUp. Being able to update the Enscape settings within a SketchUp Scene and saving it within the SketchUp file would be great. This includes time of day overrides, synchronization between 2-Point Perspective in Enscape and SketchUp, etc.

  • 1+ from me too.

    Our projects often involve more than one person, There is nothing more annoying than opening the same file on a different machines and getting totally different results due to adjustments in exposure/contrast etc.

    All settings should be saved on a per file basis. It's how every other render program works and what people expect.

  • Hello,

    this topic is a big issue.

    last week i opened my model on another machine to quickly render out my views for a meeting, realising that the endresult is completely different. of course i knew about it but didnt have it in mind. we had been working for one week on a set of views tweaking the settings and now i had to redoit. i finally rendered them out via teamviewer.

    the only right method is that every single setting should be saved per view. the presets are ok. but we should be able to apply them to certain views.


  • I think some settings should be connected to the project file as whole and some render settings to specific views/scenes.

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    Hopefully this topic can find it's way to the top of your priority list in the near future... it's been languishing for awhile and really is important.

  • It can't get enough upvotes, it's such frustrating to open a old project and to miss the well adjusted setup ... . It's such a pain for a 3D artist that I don't understand how long it need to be implement. And if a pro user creates dozen or hundred of projects per year, it's so cumbersome to find the right setup. I'm curious when this story will find a happy end.

  • I created presets for day, night, dusk, dawn, interiors etc until a real solution can be found, it is very frustrating and frankly mystifying as to what is so difficult about saving a model with info about setups, every other software I use can, heck SU can even remember my scatter setup on opening, is there something I do not know as to the difficulty to impose such a seamingly simple request?

  • I imagine it' probably a challenge because every program (sketchup, revit, rhino,...) probably has a different way to save data (if it's even possible over their api's).

  • I imagine it' probably a challenge because every program (sketchup, revit, rhino,...) probably has a different way to save data (if it's even possible over their api's).

    I do know that it is possible with SU as all render plugins can do it as well as all other plugins like skatter, animator, MSPhysics etc.

  • There are several settings saved when you save a keyframe for an animation: Enscape already is capable of saving settings per Keyframe view... it's just that it treats render views differently (And panorama views). I've been arguing for close to a year that the best option is to merge all the view types.