Major Bug?

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  • Hey Everyone,

    I am trying desperately to figure out what is wrong. Enscape does not open the engine itself, nor the asset library. It does open other libraries and menus, but the main engine window and asset library show as white previews when hovering over them in the task bar, and if you click them the windows do not come up at all. I've never experienced this, and Enscape was working perfectly fine just a few hours ago. I closed it to get lunch, came back, tried to open it and this is the result.

    Has anyone else experienced this??

    Sketchup 2019, Latest version of Enscape that came out today.


    Finally after an entire day spent on trying to figure out this problem, I have found a fix for it. Using a Laptop (this is important).

    When using Enscape with my CAD on the laptop screen, and Enscape on the second monitor, it somehow caused for the Engine AND the Assets Library to get stuck on Monitor 2. What might have caused this was a dead battery, because when I got back from lunch the laptop was off, and I had a minor panic hoping that nothing was lost. So when it died, either my laptop or Enscape itself was told to stay on Monitor 2. When the Laptop was booted up again Monitor 2 was not plugged in so it didn't recognize what to do with it. Hence, it just kept the programs acting like they were being blocked, but they were actually opening up on an imaginary second monitor. This is why the two windows I had on that second monitor wouldn't open on the Laptop Monitor.

    I hope that was explained well, but if anyone finds this weird issue happening again at least it's been experienced!

  • If you have an intel processor and are using a 2nd monitor connected via a USB / Dock, there are issues with the intel drivers which affect most things that use the GPU.

    Adam Fairclough

    Customer Success Manager

    SketchUp UK / Elmtec UK