is it me or is the video editor difficult to use?

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  • Hi all

    Just wondering if its me or the video editor is a little cumbersome to use? Im pretty savvy with software, ive been an archviz artist for 10 years but enscape usability seems questionable in some areas.

    Heres where i think it can improve so far:

    video editor - very clunky and not very user friendly, in particular the key frames. I have used D5 and that is much more user friendly and intuitive.

    light placements - adding lights is a little cumbersome also, i feel this area can be improved to

    Ive been using enscape for a month or so so i know i need to get used to it but it really does feel like it needs a big improvement in usability

  • Yes, it's cumbersome.

    There are quite a few requests on this forum for improvements to video editing. For example, one request of mine is to make the GUI interactive so you can move the keyframes instead of having to manually enter time stamps. Video editing in Enscape has a ways to go, and I am hopeful we'll see improvements soon.

  • ok great - glad im not the only one. It has huge potential.

    A great feature to add for the video editor is a 'click focal point' tool - instead of manually adjusting that slider.

    The library also seems a bit cumbersome to use - im sure all this will be sorted in the near future.

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    shortcirkuit , thanks a lot for your input - I have seen you've also created other threads with even more Feedback which I'll of course forward accordingly to our developers, so that is appreciated as well! For now, please refer to this thread here as this is the main ongoing discussion so to speak when it comes to Video Editor Feedback, in case you wish to share more thoughts.

    And actually, if possible, please kindly also go into further detail as to what you'd like to see adjusted exactly when it comes to the Video Editor, besides being able to drag keyframes, that I've already noted down. Then I can forward everything accordingly, as it's always better to have more detailed functionality wishes for clarity - as mentioned, please let us know via the linked thread in the ongoing discussion.