Update an existing view

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  • How did that do the trick, exactly?

    Could anyone give a step by step tutorial on updating existing views in Enscape and save them in Revit?

    thank you

    Editing views was edited in Enscape 3.4 so make sure you have that version (or newer).

    From the 3.4 release notes: "Go to View Management, select the edit icon next to the view you wish to amend, and easily change the name, visual preset, camera position using the mouse, and the sun position in one place."

    The "view management" is the binoculars icon in the top menu bar when you are inside the Enscape render window.

  • Hi Pieter - Following your instructions above I frequently and inconsistently get warning messages. I've deleted views in Revit and recreated them thinking this would solve the issue. Please advise.

  • It seems Enscape created views saved to Revit (from previous Enscape versions) cannot save / update views back to Revit. You have to create new Revit views from Enscape. You can use existing views in Enscape to create the new views in Revit. The new views can be modified / updated in Enscape back to Revit.

  • Perhaps I'm not understanding the feature correctly, but have found updating of views to be a bit frustrating and would like to suggest a way to overwrite/update an existing view WITHOUT having to have pressed the edit button first.

    We will frequently select a view, navigate around and find a much better angle and just want to replace/update the existing view with this new angle. But because we weren't necessarily planning on updating, we didn't press the edit button first. If we press the edit button now that we want to update the view, it first takes us back to the original view and we have to start from scratch. That or we just constantly have to create fresh views - it gets a little annoying.

    Additionally, when creating views from within Enscape it doesn't seem to respect all of the visibility settings of the original view? We often deal with links, design options, filters, etc. and find that if we create a view in Revit and set these up how we want, view it in Enscape, create/save the view from Enscape, it then 'resets' all of the Revit visibility settings in this newly created view. Are we missing something?