how to create perfect mirror?

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    Please kindly send me a screenshot of your current results for better context and kindly have a look at this FAQ article here as well - currently, it is actually not always easy/possible to create perfect mirrors so to speak in normal-sized scenes (depending on the location you're positioned as well) but, setting the Rendering Quality to Ultra and having an RTX card with raytracing enabled should help.

    If you could show me, as mentioned, how your scene currently looks then that would be great.

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    shortcirkuit , is there a chance you have emissive surfaces around that area, and does it help if you replace them (if possible) with Enscape lights? Emissive surfaces can cause this kind of noise due to the complexity of how they're being calculated. Also, does it help if you perhaps dial up the "Artificial Light Brightness" by just a bit through the "Visual Settings" -> "Atmosphere" tab? If not, is there some kind of Displacement or Bump mapping applied to the walls as well, and does it help if you remove that temporarily?

    Just in case you have an RTX card installed into your machine, make sure that you also activated "NVIDIA Denoiser" in the General Settings -> Rendering tab.