My Feature Upgrade Requests

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  • Hi Enscape team

    Firstly, Great software. With some tweaks it will be amazing. I come from an archviz background (in 3DS MAX) and wanted to try my hand at enscape and ive finally had the chance to do so.

    I have been playing with it for a couple of days and have come up with the below video - pretty decent quality. See my result here.

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    If i could make the following suggestions -

    1. drag and drop feature for textures
    2. always on top for live render feature (for when your live rendering)
    3. ability to add MIX to the reflection (like image fade)
    4. better color adjustment to textures (brightness/contrast/hue)
    5. the video editor needs an overhaul i feel - its a little cumbersome to use and not so user friendly or intuitive. it would be great if you also added a 'focus here' click and point function where you can add a focal point by clicking on something or at a point within the scene to get the DOF happening easier. On top of this, also add the ability to adjust the DOF amount and keyframe these.
    6. light placement - i feel this is a little cumbersome and not so intuitive also.

    In any case, its an awesome piece of software - hoping to see more updates soon