Some parts of revit families cannot be seen in Enscape

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  • Hello,

    Handle and other small parts of door cannot be seen in Enscape.

    Here are the Revit families, so that you can try same families.

    The door family is from Prodlib: Muovilami library, single action door

    The handle family is from Prodlib: Assa abloy library, architectural hardware, 6616 classic

    In the capture image below, Revit on the left, Enscape on the right.

    Waiting for help :)

  • I know from experience that (at least a while back) those Muovilami families are... not great.

    As previous post mentioned it might be due to what detail level the 3D view is in but I wouldn't be surprised at all if they got the levels wrong and have hidden all those details in fine instead of coarse...!

    You could clean it up but I'd recommend just using another generic door-family as stand in