• Dear Enscape

    I'm a part of an architects office in Copenhagen. We are around 20 employees. We are working primarily with Revit and SketchUp, but we have recently been very excited about FormIt, but the program lacks a serious render possibility. So we would like to ask, if that is something you have in mind to add to your program?

    I've been asking FormIt, and they are certainly open for that constellation, pleases have a look at the below answer, witch I received today:

    Thank, Tomas


    Hi Tomas,

    Since my last comment, we do have some updates. We have improved the FormIt graphics API and will make this available to 3rd parties so that they can build plugin features on top of it. Ultimately, its up to the 3rd parties to write the plugins, but we are committed to working with companies that reach out to us. Please also post on the 3rd party website that you would like them to make a plugin for FormIt.


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  • Hi Vium0405 , thanks a lot for your valuable Feedback and welcome to our Forum.

    At the moment, we have no plans to support FormIt, but I have gladly forwarded your Feedback in form of another feature request. Feel free to check here and there in the future if we support that solution as well, but for now, I would not hold my breath and rather refer to either Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Vectorworks or ArchiCAD if you wish to make use of our Software. :)

  • I’m well aware of how popular SketchUp and Rhino are, but Formit did release an API and Lumion now has a live connection to Formit Pro. I would love to remain in Formit and be able to render vs. Inserting massing models back into Revit to use Enscape.

    Thank you. Your Feedback has been forwarded as well of course.

  • Dear Enscape Team,

    We are a firm (100+) that use FormIT. I request the Enscape team to consider supporting it.

    Forwarded, and welcome to our Forum!