Need help to choose laptop for SketchUp2021+Enscape3.1

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  • Hello, everybody!

    Really need some help from masters.

    I'm choosing a laptop for work in SketchUp2021+Enscape3.1. Now I'm considering models:

    1. HP 15-en1033ur (AMD Ryzen 7 5800H 3200Mhz/15.6"/1920x1080/16GB/1TB SSD/DVD нет/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 3060 6GB/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/DOS) 3B2T8EA

    2. ASUS ROG Zephyrus M16 GU603HM-K80044T (Intel Core i7 11800H/16"/1920x1080/16GB/1TB SSD/NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB/Windows 10 Home) 90NR04W1-M01910, Off Black;

    3. HP 18px; color: rgb(67, 96, 143);">HP Omen 15 i7-10750H 16Gb SSD 1Tb NVIDIA RTX 3060 6Gb 15,6 FHD IPS Cam 70.9Вт*ч Free DOS 15-ek1017ur 3B2V8EA

    Also some people advise me to buy Mac. I'm doubting if the graphics card suits for my needs.

    If you have an experience using Mac or any of these laptops, please, give me a feedback how they're working. And if you know suitability of system characteristics for my needs, I'd be very grateful to get a tip!

    With regards,


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  • Mac isnt an option, Enscape won't run on it.

    We've had a few HP Omen laptops, I like the build quality, no issues with them.

    I'm skeptical of the fussy hinge design Asus has been doing on some models lately, but no personal experience.

    Like Jiminy said, performance-wise, 1 or 2 is a tossup. I'd also look at:

    - battery life, if being able to run for hours unplugged is a concern.

    - port placement, considering what you might want to plug into it on a desk with an external monitor, etc.

    - specs on the screens - gaming laptops lately are tending to sacrifice color fidelity and brightness for higher refresh rates. Refresh is pretty irrelevant for anything but gaming, and you don't want to get stuck with a dim/crummy screen for design work.

  • "almost everything about this laptop is fantastic. And not only is it fantastic, but it’s fantastic for several hundreds of dollars less than its QHD competitors...The G15 is superior on battery life, superior on power, superior on weight, and superior on price. It’s just the best."

  • You may need the more Dedicated VRAM on a laptop with a 3080... AMD processor 5900H...

    A summary of 2020 laptops:

    and their ranking...

    Maybe something like this:

    This laptop with a Dial and only up to 3070 seems great for "creators":

    depends on your budget and needs/goals...

  • Savmaria - the 3070 falls right between the 3060 and 3080 in both price and performance. If you have the budget, you can of course go with the best option which would be a machine with a 3080, but a 3070 will work great with Enscape as well of course since they're both top of the line cards.

  • Dial is cool!

    Ryzen Processor still isn't the best choice for SketchUp vs. some of the intel options from earliar

    Adam Fairclough

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    SketchUp UK / Elmtec UK

  • Dial is cool!

    Ryzen Processor still isn't the best choice for SketchUp vs. some of the intel options from earliar

    Laptop performance vs desktop on power consumption while on battery also matter... and the use case per user... got anything that shows what the initial poster can use best for the needs???

  • My office just purchased laptops with Enscape as a priority. For research, I used MSI Afterburner's hardware monitor on a number of projects in my office (everything from custom houses, to an office tower, to urban design). RTX and DLSS are super exciting features especially if your laptop has a high refresh rate display (ours are 240Hz) but to enable these settings above Medium quality for most of our projects required 6-8GB of VRAM. For the RTX 3060 this means that for some projects you might experience crashes due to this card only having 6GB of VRAM. The 3070 and 3080 both have 8GB and I found that I was able to run all of my projects on this card without crashes on Ultra settings. The difference then came in framerate for live presentations (DLSS to the rescue) or render time for the fixed scenes. So it was worth it to pay extra for the 8GB of VRAM. I understand that the Asus ROG Zephyrus S17 has a 3080 with 16GB of VRAM but it seems that 8GB is the reasonable limit for a consumer laptop.

    Note - the laptops we went with were the MSI GP66 11th Gen Intel with 3080 8GB (11UH-035CA)