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  • I’ve just spent a frustrating afternoon trying to fix a problem where Enscape/SketchUp would lockup whenever it finished a render, it started after a Windows update so I uninstalled it, when that didn’t work I played with the drivers, when that didn’t work I started deleting parts of the model and when that didn’t work ...... etc etc etc

    What I did do that worked was start a new SU file and import the existing one and .... SU popped up its “there are errors, do you want to fix them” .... hey presto normality restored.

    I’ve lost my scenes but that’s ok, I can easily recreate them, I might even be able to import them with a plugin.

    It’s a shame I didn’t try that before the 10,000 reboots but lesson learned.

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    Hi Paul Russam , glad to hear you found a solution to this issue. Is there any chance you still have the original project (which caused these issues) so that we may troubleshot the cause behind this behaviour? We just want to make sure this is not Enscape related. :)

  • Actually the problems persisted this morning, I downloaded the current Enscape Preview and was able to complete the renders but I still experienced problems.

    I had Task Manager open to watch the GPU % and with the current release of Enscape it would render 3,4,5 images of the batch and then the % would drop to 0 and both SU and Enscape would require to be killed via Tasks manager.

    With the Preview version it still stops rendering after a few images in the batch but I can stop Enscape's batch process with the std [Esc] key and try again. I noticed that even though it stopped rendering the GPU retained a high % in Task Manager. I think its mentioned as one of the preview build's updates.

    I can send the model, just tell me where.

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    Got it, thank you very much! We'll have a closer look at this problem and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Hey Vendel3D , could you please also send us some feedback via the Feedback button from the latest version, the one which causes some issues? What are the issues exactly?

    Please make sure to add your forum name as well as to check the "Include Logfiles into feedback" checkbox before submission!

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    Hi kerwin , could you please send us some feedback using the "Feedback" button? Make sure to tick "Include Logfiles into feedback" and add some reference like your forum name so that we know the feedback comes from you.

    This behaviour might be caused by a memory overflow problem, in case your graphics card runs out of VRAM while exporting a screenshot, but I'll let you know what the problem is exactly after we've reviewed your feedback.

    Thank you in advance! :)

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    Tried doing that, but get an error about internet and proxy configuration.

    Hey kerwin, in this case, could you please manually send me the log files?

    You'll find them here:

    Enscape main plugin log files:


    SketchUp plugin log files:


    You can just send me everything that's contained in these folders.

    Further, in case you're actually using a proxy, you'll might need to configure your proxy settings. You can do that in Enscape by clicking the [About] button in the Enscape ribbon -> [Configure Proxy].

    Also, if no proxy is being used, another possibility is that your firewall is blocking Enscape from connecting to our licensing server. In that case, I'd ask you to create an exception for the addresses 'http://licensing.inreal-tech.com', 'http://api.enscape3d.com', 'http://lic.enscape3d.com' and 'https://www.inreal-tech.com'. The port is '80'.

    I've decided to ask for your log files first to get this problem of yours sorted as quickly as possible, but in the future it might be very helpful if you're able to send us feedback.

    Thank you in advance.