Enscape Standalone exe file - quest 2 compatible???

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  • jtubb

    Changed the title of the thread from “Enscape exe file not working with quest 2” to “Enscape Standalone exe file - quest 2 compatible???”.
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    jtubb , I'm afraid we do not officially support the Quest 2 currently, which is why those standalone files may also not run if they're being exported as a .exe file - It may work with SteamVR open at the same time as well but we cannot guarantee it currently. I'll discuss this subject again with our product management team as well since the Quest 2 is of course a widely sold headset.

  • I've used my quest 2 with tethering - it was actually less problematic using it standalone than when connected to SketchUp

    Someone said they had more luck if they enabled VR in the preview and then exported the standalone.

    Have you got the Oculus desktop software installed?

  • I've been able to run standalone EXE files on my quest 2 both tethered via Oculus Link, and wireless via Air Link.... HOWEVER, the experience was very "jumpy/jittery" and unusable. My machine has a Quadro RTX 5000 card.

    The same EXE file runs smoothly on my Oculus Rift, albeit at the lower resolution.

    The same scene running through Enscape in Revit is also running rough on my Quest 2.

    My coworker however is running smooth in his Quest 2 running an RTX 2070 Super.

    Must be something wrong with my HMD.

    I was really looking forward to testing the DLSS and denoising improvements.... Why isnt the Quest 2 officially supported YET? Aside from Sony it must be the most popular headset on the market.

  • Update.... Turning RTX off entirely completely resolved the problem with it being jumpy/jittery/wobbly.


    No combination of DLSS, Denoiser, or raytraced sun shadows works. Any of these 4 check boxes brings back the problem.

    I am running the latest drivers for my graphics card.

  • medmonds are you able to elaborate on how you have achieved to connect the quest 2 headset with the exported enscape model? Is this a completely immersive perspective in the VR headset of the model or just a screen window view in the headset?

    Currently we have used virtual desktop to link the quest 2 headset with the computer but creating a standalone exe. file it does not enter into complete VR experience just the screen window.


  • Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone has managed to get an Enscape .exe file transferred directly onto the VR headset and run locally, without PC connection?

    Specifically looking at the Quest 2.


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    That will unfortunately not be possible anytime soon - The Quest 2 is mainly simply not powerful enough to run Enscape standalones natively, and/or the quality would have to be reduced substantially for it to work. And even then, a project too large would still cause stutter and thus make the user uncomfortable.

    For us to better track the demand for this in the future though feel free to also use our product portal to forward your feedback directly to our product managers.

    And last but not least just to make sure you're aware: The experience using a Quest 2 wireless is rather nice as well due to the lack of cables. You'll require a capable route and machine of course but it may still be worth it to you.

  • Honestly, you should just export a series of stereoscopic 360s and create a virtual walkthru if you want to run something on the Quest without Airlink or a cable. You will never get this level of quality to run on the Quest standalone and I find that these presentations are just as effective, if not more, than being able to walk around a model in VR.

    These are 2 resources I have used that I like quite a bit.



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    Any specific to "enalbe" to run VR using said Quest 2 with a cable link?

    I get Enscape to look for a headset even though it's pugged and recognize in Oculus Desktop App?

    With our recent previews you should be able to enable VR inside and outside of standalones (as long as they have also been exported through the preview) having only the Oculus Desktop app open and available.

    Using our current release, you'll still also have to acquire Steam + SteamVR and have it running alongside the Oculus native app. I hope that helps, let me know in case you run into any further problems.

  • Yes. Both of this sites should work for that purpose.



    The Oculus Go would even let you view 360s without any app. Just upload the image to the gallery and view it directly (even stereoscopic). They would not be 'Linked" so it would be more of a slideshow of 360's. I assume this function was continued in the Quest. The sites above are made for creating linked 360 tours.