Archicad has a surface light source, but it doesn't illuminate well.

  • (1) A surface light source is placed in Archicad.

    It is placed over the entire width circled, but only the center is illuminated on the ensecape.

    I want to know how to illuminate the full width.

    (2) Archicad uses a surface light source and arranges the light source downward over the entire width, but it is not illuminated on the encescape.

    I want to know how to illuminate.

  • Hey eri , thanks a lot for your post.

    Enscape, or generally real-time 3D applications have their limitations when it comes to the light-length (or light area, etc.) in this specific case - you can work around this by placing multiple sources next to each other, and/or replacing/adding emissive surfaces as well or instead, which do not have a length/size limit, but can introduce a bit more noise, depending on the scene and how well the scene is generally lit up by actual light sources as well.

    If you require any further assistance with that or anything else let me know!