Animated assets in Enscape

  • Just finished a project with Enscape. Created animation sequences at ground level with static people, trees and cars. Client only used the detail animations and none of the ground level clips since there were no walking people and moving cars. They ended up using some really bad Lumion footage instead. Any plans to incorporate animated assets. If yes, this would be a lumion killer. I rather use Enscape since it's easy, quick and vray like rendering quality.

  • Hey vjaramillo , support for Animations is already a topic on our agenda. Your voice is being heard and I've added a further upvote to it. We're aware of the demand, but there are no plans I could talk about yet.

  • Hi,

    I have just seen this post and wanted to know if this has already been considered / developed?


    Welcome to our forum! I can't make any definite promises yet, but the plan is to eventually provide animated leaves (blowing in the wind) in a further upcoming release, so it should just be a matter of time. But, currently it is not being developed just yet. ;)

    Still, I've also added a further upvote to the feature request on our agenda to reflect the further demand for this.