Enscape colour editing on Asset library item

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    Lee99 , I'm afraid, changing the colour of ou Enscape Assets is generally not supported - the ability to do so has been requested a lot of times by now already so it's an existing feature request to which I'm forwarding your Feedback as well.

  • Good afternoon, I really love Enscape and appreciate the work of the developers.

    But since version 3.0, the developers have completely forgotten what the rendering engine does !!!!!

    It seems to me that you need to focus on three vectors.

    1. Improve indirect lighting and reflections (the quality of reflections is just a nightmare !!! add the ability to make it better even at the expense of rendering speed !!!)

    2. To improve the quality and variety of materials (velvet material, rounded edges, layered cards and many other things that have been requested on the forum for a very long time)

    3. Faster and more convenient adjustment of the entire scene, lights, materials and assets (Assets are useless if you cannot change their material.

    The mastab of textures and assets in meters is inconvenient. It was correct to take the units used in the program !!!!

    The meaning of the design is in the choice of color and material !!!!!!!!!!!).

    It's a shame that I have to create a new asset if I want to turn in the same item in a different color. You need to be able to modify and create different material presets for one asset!

    The animation editor has not been finalized yet, although there were requests !!!)

    In my opinion, everything that you have now added to the roadmap should not interfere with the obsolescence of the global problems that you already know about!

    If you have what I wrote in development, post a roadmap!

    Moreover, you have increased the cost of your subscription, you can stop ignoring user requests !!!!!

  • Totally agree. Changing the color at least must be enabled in assets.
    Example for the curtains... we cannot even change the color of the curtain to match the room / furniture.